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Weekly Member Meetings on Wednesday 1:00pm-2:00pm in SSB 208

Couns 608 meets on Tuesday 9:00am-12:00pm in SSB 208


Active Minds is open to all members of the SF State community, students and faculty alike. They are required to register with the President and Secretary, for attendance and quorum purposes and sign up through Org Sync. 

  1. Active Minds Member: To be considered an active member, a member must both attend at least three meetings and assist in the planning of at least one event per semester. 
  2. Active Minds Participant: Anyone registered, but not an active member is considered an Active Minds Participant and will be kept on the listserve to be notified via email of upcoming events.
  3. Active Minds Peer Educator: Members have the opportunity to become peer educators by taking Couns 608: Advanced Peer Education Internship and obtain training in Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention First Aid, develop programs, and lead suicide prevention/intervention workshops. For more information please contact Yolanda Gamboa, Ph.D. Active Minds Faculty Advisor at

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