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Sober @ SF State Spring 2018 Meeting Schedule

Monday - Friday, 12:10-1pm in Rosa Parks Rooms in Cesar Chavez Student Center

Tuesday and Thursday- 5:10pm in T-153 in Cesar Chavez Student Center

Note: If you are not sure where the meeting location is or if they are not in the designated room, ask the information desk at the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

Call Tony at (415) 298-7105 for more information.


Community Low-Fee Programs

To find treatment programs please visit Samhsa Treatment Locator

or All Treatment

Resource Phone Number

Bay View Hunter's Point Foundation for Community Improvement

(415) 822-8200

East Oakland Recovery Center

(510) 568-2432

Harm Reduction Therapy Center

(415) 863-4282

HealthRIGHT 360 (Formerly known as: The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic Drug Treatment Services)

(415) 762-3700

Joe Healy Medical Detoxification Project

(415) 864-1515

Mission Council on Alcoholism for Spanish Speakers

(415) 826-6767

Native American Health Center

(415) 621-8051

Center for Open Recovery (DUI classes and 24-hour helpline)

(415) 296-9900

Daly City Health Center (San Mateo County)

(650) 301-8600

Suicide Prevention Hotline

(415) 781-0500

Smart Recovery (alternative to the 12-step model)

(866) 951-5357

Start Your Recovery


S.T.O.P. (Stimulant Treatment Outpatient Program)

(415) 502-5777

Treatment Access Program (Referral for SF Residents)

(800) 750-2727

Mental Health Access (general mental health referrals for SF residents)

(415) 255-3737

Community Support Groups

Resources Phone Number

Alcoholics Anonymous

(415) 674-1821


(415) 834-9940

Adult Children of Alcoholics

(310) 534-1815

Co-Dependents Anonymous

(415) 905-6331

Cocaine Anonymous

(415) 821-6155

Crystal Meth Anonymous


Debtors Anonymous


Faces and Voices of Recovery  

Marijuana Anonymous

(415) 325-4785

(510) 287-88

Moderation Management

(510) 287-8873

Narcotics Anonymous

(415) 621-8600

(408) 998-4200

(510) 444-4673

Secular Alcoholics Anonymous  

Alternatives to 12-Step Model

Resource Phone Number



Overeaters Anonymous


SMART Recovery

(866) 951-5357

For Parents

Safety First

Parent Blog


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