Peggy H. Smith Graduate Training Clinic

In response to COVID-19 health concerns and the continue suspension of in-person classes and services at SF State, the Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic will be providing remote services through telebehavioral health sessions for returning students who were receiving individual counseling and free individual, couple, or group counseling to registered San Francisco State University students.

The Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic is a graduate training clinic sponsored by Counseling & Psychological Services and the Department of Counseling and is staffed by second year trainees from the masters program in the Department of Counseling. All the trainees are supervised by licensed clinical counselors from Counseling & Psychological Services. 

To make a telebehavioral health appointment, call (415) 338-2208

Operates during Fall and Spring semesters only.

PHS Clinic Coordinator: Yolanda Gamboa, PhD

Peggy H. Smith Graduate Training Clinic FAQ

Please view our Telebehavioral Health Services page for more general FAQs.

We acknowledge that a crisis situation may occur during telebehavioral health therapy sessions.  The student and their counselor will prepare a safety plan at the start of each session. The safety plan will include at least one emergency contact chosen by the student, as well as the contact information for the emergency department closest to the student’s location. If a telebehavioral health therapy session is disconnected before the end of the session and the counselor is concerned for the student’s well-being, the counselor will attempt to contact the student. g. If the student shows signs of being in crisis, the counselor has permission to notify the listed emergency contact to ensure the student’s safety.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening crisis or a mental health emergency (thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harming someone else, psychosis), please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800)-273-8255, San Francisco Suicide Hotline (415) 781-0500, or dial 911, or go to your nearest emergency room for immediate.

Peggy H. Smith Counselors are currently in training and supervised by CAPS Licensed Therapists. In order to receive telebehavioral health services, your counselor’s supervisor may audio or video conference during the session in order to oversee your counselor in trainings work. You will be informed ahead of time if a supervisor chooses to video conference during one of the sessions. In addition, your counselor in training may record individual sessions as needed through video conferencing or audio format. Recordings will be destroyed after review by the supervisor and appropriate documentation of the session.

Please visit our Services page to learn how to make an appointment and reach your counselor.

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