Tips for Personal Success

Below, you will find some suggestions which may assist you to make it through the semester successfully and healthily.

  • Make a realistic study plan/schedule - Spending a few minutes planning and designing a study schedule can pay off big in saved time. Don't forget to schedule in exercise and recreation.
  • Eat nutritious foods - It is possible to plan a nutritious meal that can be almost as fast and easy to prepare as less healthy fast food. Getting sick never helps! The Student Health Center has nutrition specialists on staff. For information about all the Center's services, call (415) 338-1251. Take some time for yourself and schedule some time for you.
  • Take the time to relax and do things that are relaxing for you like walking on the beach, riding your bike, listening to music.
  • Careful about overindulgence (including caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes). Some students use alcohol or other drugs to help them deal with stresses of college. Using some of the other suggestions to reduce stress can be a healthier alternative. The Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Program is here, if you need resources or just to talk about concerns you have about your substance use. There are AA meetings on campus as well.
  • Talk it out - Talk to your friends or RA about your stress and how much work you have to do. Don't hold it in. That only causes more stress. Use the resources on campus like the Counseling & Psychological Services.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself - Being hard on yourself can only lead to more stress.
  • Do one thing at a time.
  • Be over-prepared for tests - Putting in the time to be extra prepared can make you feel more confident and less stressed. Seek out help if you need it. See the instructor during her/his office hours if needed, call classmates, form study groups, use the Learning Assistance Center in the library. Plan how to deal with stress to come. Some methods of dealing with stress can, in fact, lead to greater stress in the long run. For example, procrastination, while appropriate in some instances, such as when you must prioritize and put some work off for more pressing assignments, many times only serves to delay the inevitable and increase the pressure as time runs out. Over eating, drinking or over indulging in other ways can have negative effects in the long and short term. Ignoring recreation and exercise to save time during crunch times may have negative effects that outweight the few minutes you gain. Make sure to plan time for fun activities that you enjoy.

Have a fun, safe and productive semester!