Outreach/Presentation Requests

Request for Presentation 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to assisting faculty, staff and students by providing information sessions about our services, as well as mental health-related information relevant to the campus community.  We will make every effort to accommodate all requests, but unfortunately there are instances where we may not be able to fulfill a request due to CAPS Counselor-Faculty time limitations. Some of the presentation topics we are able to offer, but are not limited to, include:

  • CAPS General Services 101 (15-20 minute presentation on how to access Counseling and Psychological Services resources.)
  • Supporting Students in Distress (1-2 hour presentation on supporting students dealing with various mental health issues.)
  • Providing Trauma Informed Services (1-2 hour presentation on creating a trauma informed environment for your students.)

Request Guidelines:

* Please make sure you submit an Outreach/Presentation Request Form at least 4 weeks ahead of your event.  You may consult with the CAPS Outreach Liaison (Laurene Dominguez at 415-338-2936) if you have a time-sensitive request.

* Please provide 1-2 alternative dates, if possible. 

* Please have a contact person who is reachable to discuss details about the presentation. 

* If your scheduled presentation has to be cancelled or postponed, please notify us at 415-338-2208 as soon as possible.

Please click on the following link to fill out the Outreach/Presentation Request Form.