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Sober @ SF State Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Meeting Schedule

Monday - Friday, 12:10-1pm 

Tuesday and Thursday, 5:10pm 

Cesar Chavez Student Center Building

Confirm meeting room location by asking at the Information Desk and look for a blue AA Plaque on the door knob.

Call Tony at (415) 298-7105 for more information.

Download the Alcohol and Other Drug Resources list by clicking here.

Community Low-Fee Programs

To find treatment programs please visit Samhsa Treatment Locator

or All Treatment

Resource Phone Number

Bay View Hunter's Point Foundation for Community Improvement

(415) 822-8200

East Oakland Recovery Center

(510) 568-2432

Harm Reduction Therapy Center

(415) 863-4282

HealthRIGHT 360 (Formerly known as: The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic Drug Treatment Services)

(415) 863-4282

Joe Healy Medical Detoxification Project

(415) 864-1515

Mission Council on Alcoholism for Spanish Speakers

(415) 826-6767

Native American Health Center

(415) 621-8051

Center for Open Recovery (DUI classes and 24-hour helpline)

(415) 296-9900

Daly City Health Center (San Mateo County)

(650) 301-8600

Suicide Prevention Hotline

(415) 781-0500

Smart Recovery (alternative to the 12-step model)

(866) 951-5357

Start Your Recovery


S.T.O.P. (Stimulant Treatment Outpatient Program)

(415) 502-5777

Treatment Access Program (Referral for SF Residents)

(800) 750-2727

Mental Health Access (general mental health referrals for SF residents)

(415) 255-3737

Community Support Groups

Resources Phone Number

Alcoholics Anonymous

(415) 674-1821


(415) 834-9940

Adult Children of Alcoholics

(310) 534-1815

Co-Dependents Anonymous

(415) 905-6331

Cocaine Anonymous

(415) 821-6155

Crystal Meth Anonymous

(855) 638-4373

Debtors Anonymous


Faces and Voices of Recovery  

Marijuana Anonymous

(800) 662-4357

Moderation Management

(510) 287-8873

Narcotics Anonymous

(415) 621-8600

(510) 444-4673

Secular Alcoholics Anonymous  

Alternatives to 12-Step Model

Resource Phone Number



Overeaters Anonymous


SMART Recovery

(866) 951-5357

For Parents

Safety First

Parent Blog

Drug Use Assessment

The following link will direct you to our main AOD Counseling page to view a Drug Use Assessment located at the bottom of the page.