Clinic Training Program

Second Year Traineeship Placement at the Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic

Clinic Position

The Counseling Clinic is jointly sponsored by SFSU Counseling and Psychological Services and the Department of Counseling as a second year placement. Students in the Counseling Department who have completed one year of traineeship are eligible to apply. The traineeship in the Counseling Clinic coincides with the San Francisco State academic year, although trainees will be asked to come a few days early both fall and spring semesters. The traineeship involves a commitment of 18-20 hours a week depending on your area of specialization and whether you are working on a joint project with another campus service.

Direct Service

The Counseling Clinic trainees see San Francisco State students who seek counseling, and may do some work with couples. Since the student population of SFSU has great variety, a trainee may see people of all ethnic backgrounds and ages (except children), of all sexual orientations, as well as students with physical or learning disabilities. Trainees will work with many different types of issues, e.g., relationship difficulties (with parents, partners, children, bosses, faculty, friends), concerns over performance in school or career substance abuse, general emotional difficulties, anxiety, and depression. There is also the opportunity to lead or co-lead groups to fulfill your requirement in the Counseling Department. Trainees will have weekly individual and small group supervision, will attend weekly seminar/staff meetings and will be asked to help in the administrative running of the Clinic.


Clinic supervisors are licensed mental health professionals from either Counseling and Psychological Services or the Department of Counseling. Hours in the Traineeship can be counted for the MFT licensure requirements. Some of the counselors in Counseling and Psychological Services are clinical supervisors for the clinic therefore to avoid dual relationships if you have seen a counselor who is a supervisor in the Clinic from Counseling and Psychological for personal counseling sessions (beyond a single session for the purpose of referral to off campus counseling) you are not eligible to apply for this traineeship.

Alcohol And Other Drug Program Joint Traineeship

The Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic also provides a joint traineeship opportunity in an AOD assessment program of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPSC) which coordinates campus alcohol and other drug assessments and counseling. 

If you are interested in being involved in this jointly sponsored project you should speak with Yolanda Gamboa ( or call 338-1049) in the Counseling Clinic. 

The hours of commitment for this traineeship is 18-20 hours and open to MFT, Rehab or MFT/College students.

Application Procedures

Students who wish to apply for the Traineeship should provide 2 copies of all of the following material:

  1. A current resume, including your current address and phone number(s).
  2. The name and phone number of your supervisor at your first year placement.
  3. A list of courses you have taken in the Counseling program, with grades and the instructor's names for each course. (you may hand in an unofficial computer transcript, list instructors)
  4. Briefly describe why you are interested in the Clinic for your second year placement and answer the following three questions. (Please write no more than two to three paragraphs on each question and focus on your own developmental process not that of your clients.)
    • Describe the clinical and/or personal experience in your first training placement that have most impacted your developing sense of yourself as a professional counselor.
    • Describe how your reasons for becoming a counselor have changed or developed since being in the master's program.
    • What goals are you setting for yourself in your second year internship?

We would like all applicants to know that part of the selection process of the Clinic includes speaking with both your first year placement supervisor as well as your professors to get their feedback on your skill levels and your strengths and weaknesses in your first year placement.

Application Deadline

Applications process will open in Spring 2018. Please visit this page in early Spring to learn about due dates related to the application process.

Interviews And Orientation

Applications will be reviewed by all supervisors and I will contact any applicants regarding interviews. Interviews most likely will take place on March 9 and March 16 and final decisions will be made just after spring break in March. If you have further questions before you apply for the traineeship please call Yolanda at (415) 338-1429.

Orientation for the Clinic Traineeship will take place before the Fall Semester begins and students must be available the week before classes start in the Fall (No Exceptions).

Clinic Responsibilites

This traineeship offers 18 hours of experience per week and is open to MFT and Rehab specializations.

Clinic hours vary from year to year depending upon the number of trainees in the program. Hours for 2017-2018 have been tentatively set for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. In April each trainee will meet to discuss their individual clinic schedule with the clinic director including required meeting times for clinic trainees.  

Traineeship Schedule

Trainees working only in the clinic will be scheduled for 18 hours as follows:

8-10 client contact hours including individual and group

2 individual supervision hours

2 group supervision hours,

2 hours for weekly seminars

2 administrative hours

Individual supervisors for 2017-18 are Yolanda Gamboa, Ph. D, Karla Castillo, LMFT, Laurene Dominguez, LCSW, Catherine Jolly, LMFT, FAMI. Group supervision will be with Taghi Amjadi, Ph.D.

AOD Assessment Training Schedule

18-20 hour commitment: 12 hours in clinic and 6 hours with AOD Assessment

Clinic hours AOD Assessment hours at CPSC (Friday)
5-6 clients  3-4 client hours
1 supervision 1 supervision
2 group supervision  1 paperwork
2 administrative/paperwork  
2 hours training seminar  
12-13 hours  6 hours

Areas of supervisory responsibility

  1. Clinical supervision will be provided for all clinic clients by a supervisor assigned by the Coordinator.
  2. All Clinic trainees will be trained through the clinic on how to respond to emergencies and the backup procedures on campus for any psychiatric or psychological emergencies that may present at the Clinic.
  3. Clinical supervision for Counseling Clinic Trainees working with AOD Assessments is provided by Karla Castillo, MFT.


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