Clinic Training Program

Second year traineeship placement provides Counseling students with the opportunity to be placed in the Counseling Clinic to fulfill their practicum and/or internship requirement, and may also be counted toward MFT licensure requirements. Trainees work directly with SFSU students seeking counseling services, whether in one-to-one sessions or through leading or co-leading group sessions. Trainees will work with students regarding any of the following issues: relationship difficulties (parents, partners, children, faculty. etc.), substance abuse, concerns over school and/or work performance, or for general emotional difficulties including anxiety and depression. Trainees will be required to attend weekly and small group supervision, staff meetings, and to assist in administrative aspects of the Clinic.

Second-year traineeship requires Counseling students:

  • To have already completed a one-year traineeship
  • Commit to a full academic year, with additional time before the beginning of each semester
  • Commit to working 18 to 20 hours per week, dependent upon their area of specialization an/or work jointly with another campus services

**Note of Possible Supervisor Conflict: Clinic supervisors are licensed mental health professionals from either Counseling and Psychological Services or the Department of Counseling.

The Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic also provides a joint traineeship opportunity in an AOD assessment program of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPSC) which coordinates campus alcohol and other drug assessments and counseling. If you are interested in being involved in this jointly sponsored project you should speak with Yolanda Gamboa or call (415) 338-1049 in the Counseling Clinic.

The hours of commitment for this traineeship is 18 to 20 hours and open to MFT, Rehab or MFT/College students.

The Counseling Clinic is jointly sponsored by SFSU Counseling and Psychological Services and the Department of Counseling as a second-year placement. Students in the Counseling Department who have completed one year of traineeship are eligible to apply. The traineeship in the Counseling Clinic coincides with the San Francisco State academic year, although trainees will be asked to come a few days early both fall and spring semesters. The traineeship involves a commitment of 18-20 hours a week depending on your area of specialization and whether you are working on a joint project with another campus service.

The Counseling Clinic trainees see San Francisco State students who seek counseling, and may do some work with couples. Since the student population of SFSU has great variety, a trainee may see people of all ethnic backgrounds and ages (except children), of all sexual orientations, as well as students with physical or learning disabilities. Trainees will work with many different types of issues, e.g., relationship difficulties (with parents, partners, children, bosses, faculty, friends), concerns over performance in school or career substance abuse, general emotional difficulties, anxiety, and depression. There is also the opportunity to lead or co-lead groups to fulfill your requirement in the Counseling Department. Trainees will have weekly individual and small group supervision, will attend weekly seminar/staff meetings and will be asked to help in the administrative running of the Clinic.

Clinic supervisors are licensed mental health professionals from either Counseling and Psychological Services or the Department of Counseling. Hours in the Traineeship can be counted for the MFT licensure requirements.